Eventide Space - Blackhole, Dynaverb, Modechoverb and Tremoloverb

by Flo Audio



Hi everyone :)

It’s been quite a few months since i didn’t post anything here! Ah the complexities of life :)

I hope you guys have been doing well, and i hope that 2017 will bring us all something new to be proud of!

I intended to upload all the remaining Eventide Space sets sooner, but that pedal really bored me to infinite levels, so much that even only doing demos for it really was a ‘fuck no’ when i thought about it! But i know it's a favorite amongst a lot of you, so here it is!

I’m getting that out of the way starting with the Blackhole algo, i gathered 50 impulses for it, divided in two folders gravity + and gravity -.
Please note that the modulation inherent to the effect couldn’t be captured, it sounds good without it, but you can add a chorus or any mod effect that you like, post or pre impulse, as you want.

I’m also adding the Dynaverb (17 irs), ModEchoVerb (21 irs), and Tremoloverb (10 irs) algos with it so i can use the maximum size allowed for bonus items and get more of this thing out ;)

I’ve kept acquiring more interesting pieces of gear lately. I’ve become quite obsessed with digital delay effects from early to mid 80s, believe me if you crave for color you’ll be pleased :)

Have fun guys!!

Florent Campana
Flo Audio
February 2017


released February 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Flo Audio France

My philosophy in life, and in sound has always been that i wanna be free. Knowing how to do things myself, at least understanding intellectually the principle of something that i can then turn into a know how, and make my own.

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