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Hi to all!

September has passed so fast, we’re already in Autumn and I hope that you guys are doing ok!

A lil update on things:

i’m still elaborating about the subscription thing and what i could do to make it cool and everything for those of you who’d be into it.

My first idea: I will start making diy hardware reverb pedals in the coming days/weeks, which i’ll rip in impulses, but also sell one unit, and have give aways where an other unit will go to one of the subscribers. I think it could be nice to bond ‘in the material world’ instead of only remaining in the weightlessness of impulses and internet. Metal, Solder, Pleasure!

On the opposite side, i’ve been developping vst/au/app effects and instruments, which a few of you have been beta testing for the past few weeks, and i can’t thank you enough for that!

The plugins i do share a few things: they’re simple, not a lot of controls, but a very wide range of tones. I want somebody who’s never touched a synth or a knob to instantly understand what it does, so somebody with trained ears will be in finetuning heaven with instant gratification :) I’ve been having real fun testing these myself, it feels like having a modular synth within the daw, it’s never the same sound that comes out!

I can’t resist telling you about my favorite one among them: She is a very cute star, she’s an oscillator (not the typical sine/saw/sq/tri of course :)), and you have only one knob which controls her frequency. She generates sounds on her own, but you can also send her midi notes. So you got basically two things: midi acts like a gate and make the current freq play a note, then you got the frequency which can be midi controlled/automated. Put an arp/sequencer so it sends note triggers, set a LFO and / or ADSR to control her frequency knob, and you’ll still be smiling at her next year :) And i didn’t say everything yet haha!

But more on that subject when the time is right! I’m not in a rush to release anything, i do it when i feel i really wanna do it, so it comes from being inspired by it!

It’s the perfection introduction for this current set:

The Wooly Verb is a set of original reverb algorithms i’ve made tonight. To let you know about my work process, usually i’ll start experimenting and make a few dozens / hundreds impulses during a few days, if i’m inspired by a concept, and then think of them as a possible future set that i could propose you guys, but in the end i’m always like ‘ hmm not right now, when it feels like it’s time…’, for most of them i’ve actually even recorded demos, because i enjoy trying the impulses after i’ve made them haha! I just try a bunch of instruments in it, and listen, and say to myself ‘dude that’s awesome, pure psychedelie’ haha!

The same thing happened tonight, i didn’t feel like composing organized music, but i wanted to try to make new reverbs with a fuzz pedal that i’ve built last week end, a clone of the Wooly Mammoth by Zvex. So i gave it a go, and i loved the result of the first few ones, a pleasant surprise! So i thought ‘what if you’d do only 10 impulses of that instead of 100, and that you share the set with Flo Audio instead of adding it to the pile, it would allow you to start something new: you could release tiny sets for subscribers and with this one you show everyone a kind of a concept of what these tiny sets would be’ (i wasn’t lying when i said i’m trying to do things right lol)

You got 11 impulses, they’re all kinda different in color but not in spirit. Some are longer, some are shorter, but they remain in what we’d call a mid verb setting, around 4 / 5 seconds for most of them.

They add what i feel as either a psychedelic vibe either a very epic feeling. It reminded me of the slow gear pedal by boss, with a more modern/cinematographic vibe! I have no doubts that you’ll enjoy them, for your own pleasure by plugging a guitar or what you have in it, or for work for you guys who compose music for tv/movies/games! You’ll no longer struggle to make another sting in the middle of a cue at the last minute :)

I’ve recorded demos for every impulse, so you can see what it does. I’m listening to the playlist, which really never happens, and i kinda enjoy it being played one demo after another. It’s almost like a shortened record lol! It could become another concept haha!

I wanted to grab your attention about one preset in particular VII DRUMS and VII STRETCHED 125%, it shows a trick that not many use with impulses, the stretch knob. That impulse makes any kick sound like a 808, but you can change the note of the 808, that’s it, with the stretch knob, it works in both directions yes, and yes it works with EQs too! You’re welcome!

All demos recorded with impulse player on a send (not insert/not on the track of the instrument) with no dry signal, only wet. Nothing on the master bus, nothing but the sound and impulse.

Have fun guys, and don’t hesitate to get in touch to show me what you do with it!!

Florent Campana

Flo Audio September 2015


released September 29, 2015



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Flo Audio France

My philosophy in life, and in sound has always been that i wanna be free. Knowing how to do things myself, at least understanding intellectually the principle of something that i can then turn into a know how, and make my own.

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