Lexicon PCM 91 - Halls

by Flo Audio



edit: it's too funny i just noticed that the first set i released,'Rooms', was released March 3 2015, it means that it is Flo Audio' second anniversary, since this one was released march 4 2017! Woohoo lol!

Hey guys,

It’s an unexpected release, i thought i’d be putting out some irs of my old school babies next, but hey, a friend of mine lent me his pcm 91 last monday after we were done with a recording session.. so here it is, the Lexicon PCM91!

I thought some of you guys could find enjoyment in that, so i decided to rip all its presets, and i’ll put out a Flo Audio custom presets set once i’m done with the stock presets.

I’ve been mixing and mastering quite a lot these days, i’ve used the pcm here and there and tested different methods of capturing it while i was doing that (tweaking a preset while mixing, capturing it, a/b-ing it with the hardware, noting what i was missing, what i was content the capture did..).. This isn’t the kind of reverb where you scroll thru the presets, and bam it works, no, you really have to tweak it in order to make it work in a mix. It’s funny it has a dark / cavey sound to it, and sometimes the highs are just too shiny and unmusical, or let’s not be afraid of the word, ugly. It’s really not a bad piece of equipment, but you gotta put in some work. It’s a reverb i wouldn’t use if i want to hear reverb, it’s more a reverb that i’d use to augment sounds in a mix, it worked pretty good on giving vocals (ribbon or u87) more 3D/credibility, whenever i hear the reverb, i wanna put a low pass filter on it, and often did it :) (or low pass the vocals prior to sending it to the lexicon, but it’s really not a game i’d wanna play everyday lol)

That’s one of the main things i’m happy about the set: my captures don’t have that cave sound, they sound a bit more open on the high frequencies (which gives a wider stereo feel), and basically they sound more ‘modern’ compared to the hardware, i’d even dare to say ‘more usable’ as in not having to eq the preset (nor go in edit mode ;)) 9 times out of 10 in order to make it work in a mix, which is ok when you’re geeking a reverb, but not so much when you’re working with a client and try to get your sound fast so the session can keep going..

So i’ve motivated myself tonight, it’s presently 6:13 am in france, and i’ve ripped the Hall algorithm in its entirety (50 impulses), i thought you guys could enjoy having that for the week end lol! I want to thank all the people who donated money and bought products lately, you guys gave me the motivation to do that, thank you for your support!!

I will rip and release more of the machine as soon as i have more free time! If some of you use it and have created presets for it, send them to me and i’ll make a capture of it! It would be so rad that you guys could contribute as well!

Have fun guys, it’s march already, spring will be here soon :)

EDIT: shit i wanted to tell you about the Tube Eq set that i released previously, it works super well in all kind of situations, even in mastering! Give it a try, it's interesting, coloring a lot, and can give you 'The Sound' you need in a way no plugin does it unfortunately :(

Florent Campana
Flo Audio
March 2017


released March 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Flo Audio France

My philosophy in life, and in sound has always been that i wanna be free. Knowing how to do things myself, at least understanding intellectually the principle of something that i can then turn into a know how, and make my own.

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