Lexicon PCM 91 - Live

by Flo Audio

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Hey guys,

Phew i'm finally done with the ripping of the Lexicon PCM 91, i'm going to post the 4 remaining sets right now, including this one, the Live algo, 50 captures!

Please take into consideration that a lot of people are downloading these (400 dl since yesterday), if you can afford to make a donation, it's the right time to do it, it will save free download slots for the young guys among us, and will compensate me for my time! I can tell you that it took me around 2h30 to rip each algo lol...

About this set, i laughed at some preset names, this time the winner was ' dream hornz', i was picturing myself saying ' you can't say my fav preset on the 91 is dream hornz', but i think it it actually lol.. I sent drums thru it, it was rad, i sent more stuff thru it, always cool! Never say never i guess lol


Florent Campana
Flo Audio
March 2017


released March 27, 2017



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Flo Audio France

My philosophy in life, and in sound has always been that i wanna be free. Knowing how to do things myself, at least understanding intellectually the principle of something that i can then turn into a know how, and make my own.

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