Line6 DL​-​4 Impulse Set i (Digital Delay)

by Flo Audio



Hi to all,

Here’s the first part of what will be another huge impulse set, the modern classic Line6 DL-4 delay. I decided to release each of its algorithm in a separate set to make it more manageable for everyone, and to keep the size of it all ok!

We begin by the first algorithm, aka the good ol’ Digital Delay. It’s a great bread and butter delay! I captured it by increments of 1 as in, Delay 1-9 Repeat 1-9, in order to capture most of the range of the knobs! 81 impulses in total!

The two remaining knobs weren’t interesting to capture, it’s just two 2 tones knobs, you can eq the delay yourself if you want!

The impulses capture the sonic imprint this pedal has, that dirt / lofi in the high frequencies, which is great to add texture to a mix/track/experiment.

I’ll keep releasing the remaining sets during the coming weeks, until we’re done with it!

Now i have a big announcement to make, it’s something that i’m really happy/proud of: Flo Audio’s first hardware synth, which i plan to release in early december. Let me describe it shortly:

My goals for this instrument were:

- A musical instrument
- Fun & easy to use by both kids and adults (yes even by non males and guitar players lol)
- Complex enough for the nerds like myself (like yourself too!)
- Great filter
- Cool on the eyes, it’s a sexy piece of gear. Because why make hardware if it looks like shit in the end ? lol
- Having a tool that i didn’t have, and that i’ve always wanted!
- Unlimited happy accidents box

A closer look:

- 3 independant oscillators that you can tune as you want (you can for example do a 3 notes chord with it), each with its own on/off switch.

The oscillators’ sound are very far from the usual bunch of 250/350e synths you all know about, i tuned them so they sound musical and beautiful. You can fm them and make them do all kind of silly things you could do in the modular domain, but you can also compose actual music. Which is very important for me, as i don’t like harsh synths at all.

- 3 volume/fm knobs corresponding to each oscillator, each one has its led blinking in rythm to the rate of modulation.

- A Filter Knob, which is a passive low pass filter, i spent weeks tuning it, and the outcome is a super classy filter with great headroom. And you even have an audio input to send what you want thru it!

- A 9v Choke knob, which is a DC deprivation knob, you reduce the amount of power you send to the circuit, you can hear it say ‘ whyyyyyy ???’ when it’s almost dead haha! It’s a great way to stumble on new sounds, it’s an invitation to experiment :)

You can power the unit with a 9v battery or a 9v Boss style adapter! I can add an option for you to order a 9v battery to DC jack cable as well!

- Audio input, the leds blink in intensity and rythm to the music that you send in, which is quite cool indeed ;).

- New energy & Portability: The filter and leds don’t need any source of power to work, just send some music thru it and you’re good to go, wherever you are! If you wanna have leds dancing to the rythm of the music you’re listening to, it’s made for you, and if you wanna filter it as well, you can lol!

- The Leds are mounted on sockets, in case one goes bad, or if you wanna custom the color of your leds without having to solder! It’s a half a minute job :)

- I’ll make a neat manual for it, that i encourage you to read in advance, because it will have a lot of tips on special settings and how it will change the sound! I’ll also give you a list of presets and their settings, old school way :)

- I’ll release 3 plugins (two synths and a harmonic distortion plug in) at the same time as the hardware synth, and those who buy the synth will get the plugins for free!

Other positive things:

- Great tool to train/teach harmony and your ear.

- Great tool for kids as well as an introduction to sound design / synthesis / harmony.

- It’s Made in France guys!!! I build every synth myself, by hand, either in my kitchen or my living room haha! Even if you never open it, i know that it will be perfect and neat inside, and that’s why i do it like that!

Negative things:

- I build every synth myself, which means i’m not a factory or a huuuge company, i’m doing all that alone, and these take time to build.

- I can only build 5 units until early december, so that’s all i’ll have in stock, but it will allow me to see if you guys are into it, and if there is basically demand for that, or if i can go fuck myself with my synth haha :)

Please message me if you’re interested in that, i will record more sounds from it in the coming days, so if you wanna hear how it sounds, or have more details in general, just ask! I could even go as far as saying that if after hearing it etc if you’d be into pre ordering one, we could do that too, just email me and we will figure it out!

The price will be lower than the 250/350e synths i mentionned earlier! I will announce it maybe in a future set of this Line6 pedal, pretty soon!

That’s it guys! As always feel free to make a donation for the set, it will allow me to fund gear to rip, electronic components and time to do everything!

Have fun!!


Florent Campana / Flo Audio
November 2015


released November 7, 2015



all rights reserved


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My philosophy in life, and in sound has always been that i wanna be free. Knowing how to do things myself, at least understanding intellectually the principle of something that i can then turn into a know how, and make my own.

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