Park G10R Spring Reverb Impulse Set

by Flo Audio



Hi everyone,

Here’s the Park G10r spring reverb! That wasn’t an easy hunt since the noise that thing does by itself is quite high haha, but it was a fun challenge to try to capture its spring by any means. Any means yes.. The amp was sine swept, impulsed, synth impulsed, miced, and even kicked / dropped! You’ll find the resulting impulses in the following folders:
Impulsed, kicked, miced noise, sine swept, synth impulsed (ms-20 noise and ring mod and virus ti noise), and wet where the reverb knob was on full, but it added tons of noise, so keep that in mind lol!
All in all it gives us 23 impulses of that exotic yet familiar spring reverb!

For instant use, i’ve taken the ‘classic sound’ impulse and put it in the main archive, so you don’t need to browse to find it!

I consider it to be an experimental set of impulses, but i know that people who use them aren’t afraid of the word!

I hope you’ll have fun with that one, and don’t hesitate to show me how you’ll use it!

Flo / Flo Audio
April 2015


released April 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Flo Audio France

My philosophy in life, and in sound has always been that i wanna be free. Knowing how to do things myself, at least understanding intellectually the principle of something that i can then turn into a know how, and make my own.

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