Yamaha MT4X 4 Tracks Cassette Impulse Set

by Flo Audio



Hi guys!

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I know you’ve been quite liking the concept of me bringing you exotic pieces in impulse format and i have the pleasure to introduce you the release of the Yamaha MT4X 4 tracks cassette recorder Impulse Set! I went pretty hardcore on this set, since i used everything i could to squeeze the most juice out of it… The result ? 191 impulses capturing that 4 tracks cassette recorder at its finest. From its 3 bands EQ, to its DBX noise reduction, and even a pass thru each captured with sine sweeps, impulses, with a cassette, without… When i was done with it I thought i’d do some custom eq curves, capture some tape hiss that you can loop and use within your session, and i added to that ‘happy accidents’ which i’d use as a short delay or even a reverb, and ‘clip / color / compression’ which are synth impulses (virus ti and ms-20) clipping the cassette giving you cassette compression.

Before i go further into the details, and while i’m sure to have your attention:

***Use these impulses as insert only (directly on your track), and set wet signal to 100%, no dry signal, otherwise you'll have phase problems!*** :)
Now let me detail what’s inside the Yamaha MT4X set folder, its architecture rather speaks for itself:
Cassette / No Cassette: have been both captured with sine sweeps. Cassette implies the sound of the running cassette was captured, no cassette means only pass thru without recording on tape. Every impulse has a variation with and without DBX noise reduction so you can pick what you prefer. Have a look at what’s inside these folders:

Custom Curves (12 Impulses)
The custom curves are 4 different kind of ‘smile eq’ which are often used in mastering situations and two ‘sizzle’ ones which add ‘air’. Cassette mastering yay! haha

3 bands EQ:

For the 3 band EQ, i wanted to tell you that i’ve checked the eq curves with a spectrum analyzer and saw that many of the settings from some eq bands didn’t do much between +5 and +12 for example, haha, so i decided to keep every useful step and discard the ones where the eq didn’t change at all… I tried to capture each band with + or - 1 db increments where i could!

Hi eq (12 impulses) from +12 to -12
Low eq (14 impulses) from +12 to -12
Mid eq (18 impulses) from +12 to -12
Pass thru (2 impulses)

Impulse (50 impulses):
Has the same architecture and number of impulses/folders as the previous folders, the only difference is that it’s been captured with impulses rather than sine sweeps!

Clip / Color / Compression (10 impulses):
This is synths impulses (virus ti noise and ms-20 noise / ring) recorded on the cassette and clipping it, some have the DBX noise reduction, which can react as a ‘compressor’ when you smack the tape haha!

Happy Accidents (2 impulses):
Since i listen to every capture i do to make sure it sounds right, i thought that these two while being imperfect could be used as ‘reverbs’ or ‘short delays’n so i added them to the set! You’ll try it!

Tape Hiss (3 impulses):
Are three loops of cassette tape hiss that you can use within your sessions! Works great :)

Sounds demos would be pretty hard to do since the number of impulses is quite high! I just ran a complete track of mine thru 3 rather altering presets to show you how it sounds!
It goes: dry / effected with 1 of the smile eq presets / dry / effected with another eq / effected with another eq.
I will certainly add more in the future, as i use the impulses!

That’s it!

I’m taking advantage of that presentation to add something:

I have been talking with a few of you guys lately, and since it came in the discussion i’d figure that i’d add that information here once: so anyone who wonders about it will know, and since this is not something that interests me much, or is a matter of mine, i won’t mention it anymore. Every impulse set i do goes thru SSL AD/DA conversion and sometimes, when i don’t have the choice, i resort to using a SSL preamp to record impulses too, to record at good levels. To me gear isn’t important at all, what’s important is how tools inspire you instantly. I want to provide you guys with things that make you smile, that make you say ‘beautiful’, things that have a vibe, simply tools with whom you’ll be able to work instantly! I do these presentation texts in a very casual way, the way i’d tell it to friends, because i wanna share with you the enthusiasm that i have for it! I’m having a ton of fun doing these and sharing them with you and that’s what i wanna tell you about the most! If you have deeper questions about the technical aspect of things, please get in touch with me, and we’ll discuss it with pleasure in private!

To finish this with a wink, here’s an extract from the Yamaha MT4X user’s manual:

‘Your MT4X Multitrack Cassette recorder is a powerful recording tool that will allow you to capture your
music at a very high level of sound quality. It is an advanced technology, easy-to-use four-track cassette
tape recorder with a comprehensive four-channel mixer.’

Best Regards,

Florent Campana / Flo Audio April 2015


released April 15, 2015



all rights reserved


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