Yamaha AW16G Impulse Set

by Flo Audio



Hi everyone!

My Yahama MT4X 4 tracks cassette recorder set has been pretty popular among you, Emmy and Grammy nominees and winners even became my clients thanks to it, and this time, i have the pleasure to introduce you another set of a marvel of technology from the future past, aka 2002, the Yamaha AW16G digital recorder! It’s a time capsule of the ending of the 90s into the early 2Ks, if you’re looking for that sound, then look no further :)

This set is another huge one (297 impulses), it took me close to 4 days to capture everything, but the result is in my opinion well worth it!

EQ section (139 impulses):
from + 18 to - 18 in 3db increments at:
60hz, 125hz, 300hz, 600hz, 800hz, 1khz, 2khz, 4khz, 6khz, 8khz and 10khz.
I also threw in some custom curves, and also added 4 ‘Multi Filter’ irs.

Delay section (66 impulses):

Stereo Delay (36 impulses):
1/16 - 1/32, 1/4 - 1/2, 1/4 - 1/4T, 1/8 - 1/4, 1/8 - 1/4T, 1/8 - 1/8T, 1/16 - 1/8, 1/16 - 1/8T, 1/16 - 1/16T
each captured with different feedback settings at: 25%, 50%, 75% and 95%.
Mod Delay (10 impulses)
Delay LCR (10 impulses)
Echo (10 impulses)

Reverb (51 impulses):
Hall (11 impulses) from 0,5 to 10s
Room (11 impulses) from 0,5 to 10s
Plate (10 impulses) from 1 to 10s
Gate Reverb (3 impulses)
Early Reflections (6 impulses)
Stage (5 impulses)
Symphonic (5 impulses)

Autopan (5 impulses)

I will also send an extra gift to those of you who’ll buy it: i’ve recorded all the sounds/loops inside it, and believe me, it’s screaming 90s! :D I can’t distribute it here due to size, and i don’t know if it would cause legal troubles, so..

Everything was recorded thru SSL preamp/converter, for maximum punch, clarity and quality with no added color in 44/32 bits (including the internal sound library)!

I’m currently composing music for HBO’s tv show Vice, so don’t be afraid if you don’t receive your link to the additional sounds immediately, i will send you links manually as soon as i can, some of you already know that i take good care of my customers :)

I hope that you’ll enjoy it, and have fun using it! Maybe some of you used it to record back in the day, and will be happy to have its mojo back in the computer haha! That’s all i wish to bring you guys with these sets, fun, smiles, and instant inspiration!

All the best,

Florent Campana / Flo Audio
August 2015


released August 24, 2015



all rights reserved


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My philosophy in life, and in sound has always been that i wanna be free. Knowing how to do things myself, at least understanding intellectually the principle of something that i can then turn into a know how, and make my own.

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